Saturday, December 25, 2004


Well ... Christmas 04 has come and gone.

I must say that yumyumpj must be the most creative friend that I have. She's always doing something funky to some common household object. This year, she etched a glass with my nickname and favourite number. It's so cool that I don't want to use it in case it gets broken. But yumyumpj was upset that I wouldn't use it. Maybe I'll use them... once. Some things are just irreplaceable.
D & T's daughter is the cutest. She's always pointing at things and mumbling something incoherent. Sort of like her mom :p I noticed that kids like to play with the wrapping and boxes more that the gifts themselves. I guess they are funny that way.

I am getting hockey withdrawl already. Especially with the Junior Hockey Tournament on TV. We have no Ice or Floor Hockey for the next two weeks :(
I am doubtful that the NHL season will be salvaged this year. Both the players and the owners are too greedy. I mean, they make more in one season than most of us will ever make in our lifetimes. Come on ... they are getting paid to play a game not save lives.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

It seems as thought I have less and less spare time these days. There is just so much stuff to do. Christmas shopping is one of them. I still haven't made a list yet. I'm just winging it.
My weekends are booked up till Jan and depending on the weather, I'll see what can be crossed off the ToDo List. Some car stuff and some friend's house stuff needs to be fixed.

Christmas Shopping is so stressful. I never know what to get my friends. Especially those who have everything. I just hate getting some crap for them, that I think they will like, but eventually ends up not being used. Oh well ... I guess they can e-bay the gifts in a few weeks ... right d? :p
Some people are a lot easier to buy for. The ideas are like fountains.
Some people are hard to buy for. The ideas are like deserts.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Help Me ...

I'm looking for the artist and name of this song ...

La la la ooouuuuuuuu
La la la ayyyyyyyyy
La la la ouuuuu ouuuuu
zooma zooma eh ...

Actually there was a video with that song in it with a fat guy dancing to it and then breaking plates on his head. I can't find the link to that video anymore though.

Dec 04
When you go visit a friend who is ill, it puts all things in your life in perspective. It reminds you that life is short and that you must treasure your limited time on Earth.

Random song quote: Hello, Hello (Hola!) I'm at a place called Vertigo.

Hockey is so much fun and great exercise. I wonder why everyone doesn't play.

Not all things in life is Black and White. I learned that you must tread in that "grey" area at times to suit your needs. After all rules were made to be broken.

Anime chicks who drive import cars with some skillz are superhot!!! I tried to chase her down the other day but was too timid to keep up. The risk of getting into another accident and the skyrocketing price of insurance made me think twice. I think I drive like an elderly person now (not that there's anything wrong with that). Maybe if I had my Integra again ... I miss my car :(

I watched "The Usual Suspects" again the other day. It was late at night, during a work night I might add, when I should have been sleeping. Kevin Spacey is become one of my favourite actors. My sleeping schedule is all screwed up needless to say.

Random Movie Quote:
Uhhhhhh uhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhh
Older Woman Customer: [to waiter] I'll have what she's having.

I bought 2 cool glass bottles of of 800ml of spring water from Norway for $5.00 each.
What was I thinking??? The bottles are really cool looking but come to think about it, I'm not sure they're worth $5.00 each.

The internet is great. I don't know what I ever did without it.

Monday, November 15, 2004

The party can start now ... I'm here :p

Quote of the day ...
Brian (ball hockey goalie) - "You hit me in the balls"
Ooops :p

Sports Update
Team Tina defeats Team deb in the Yew-Ho Brier 9-7

99 huh yumyumpj?
- 99 reminds me of Gretzky (if you don't know who Gretzky is, then you must not be Canadian)
- 99 reminds me of Red Balloons
- 99 reminds me of the year that we're supposed to pretend that it is when we party

Me Likes
- Catchy tunes that's not annoying (currently like "Lonely" by Deep Spirit)
- Solving Brain Teaser puzzles
- Surprises- Receiving E-mail / Snail Mail (that does not include spam/junk mail or bills)
- Campbell's Chunky New England Clam Chowder
- the internet - I mean, you can find all sorts of info there if you know where and how to look
- Playing with puppies
- Playing with babies, as long as they don't cry on me
- that head-rush that you get when you stand up too fast
- that feeling when you lean back on your chair and then are about to fall but just at the last minute you save yourself
- Cha Siu Cheung Fun - bbq pork rice rolls (I got sick of shrimp)

Flip Ova It
- Jerk Pork with Rice or Jerk Chicken with Noodles
- Fried Chicken (Popeyes is first choice but KFC can be a substitute if there's no Popeyes around)
- scoring a pretty goal / making a pretty pass which ends up in a goal
- Roller coasters and wild amusement rides, as long as the lineup isn't outrageous

Me Dislikes
- Scammers. Unless the scam is very creative, I have to give props to ingenuity.
- Birds. They are only good for Eating (see Fried Chicken Ref) otherwise they crap on your car or beg for food while you are eating.
- sneezing and itching due to playing with puppies
- throwing a dog gob covered ball
- stepping in doggie doo when some irresponsible dog owner is too lazy-assed to poop & scoop
- anything that I'm allergic to (ragweed & horses to the list)
- Rap songs that talk about all their money, expensive houses, and high priced cars
- cleaning up vomit, come on, that's nasty

Flips My Wig
- Inconsiderate drivers who think that they own the road. I mean how much faster are they going to get there by weaving in and out of traffic, cutting people off? (5 min?)

Annoys Me
- Incorect speling. I meen, their's somthing calld "Spelchek", look into it

Songs - Only You - Flying Pickets version (Yaz with Allison Moyet is good also)
Movie - The Matrix (Come on, that bullet-time scene on the roof was the coolest evah)
Car - Acura Integra (My baby)
Mountain Bike - GT Zaskar

Funniest ...
Quote that I said to someone
- No ... it's my fault for not being one of your 'HO's or else you would have called me back (at least I thought it was the funniest evah at the time)
- At a pet store said in a whisper to a friend which was overheard, "In China we eat them"-

Friend with a million stories
- Paul - He got lost driving in the States once and ended up driving in a parade through that small town.

- Collecting Comic Books (I must have around 10,000)
- surfing the internet

Dream Girl
- Oriental female with anime Hair, big eyes and a nice smile (I will name her Bethany)
- Whenever the song "Dreaming" by Selena comes on I just have to listen to it

- To win a few million dollars. Sweeeeeeeeeet!
- The Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup in my lifetime :(
- to get a puppy someday (breed - Nova Scotia Duck Tooling Retreiver)

Life List
- Skydiving (check) - wasn't as scary as you would think ... except for the jumping out part, that was terrifying
- White Water Rafting (Check)
- Learn how to ride a Motorcycle (Check) ... Yes, I finally got my licence after taking the test "X" times
- Find my soulmate (Unchecked) - Hey, has anyone seen Bethany?
- Mile High Club (Unchecked) ... Oh Yeah !!!
- Bungee Jump (Unchecked) ... I imagine it will be much like skydiving

Obscure Facts
- I took a bottle (1 Litre) of Hawaii beach sand from Hawaii and plan to make my own beach someday
- One of my most valued possession is my Green Lantern Ring with a glow-in-the-dark stone in the middle - currently it is lost in my room - I think :(
- some friends think that I am smarter than I actually am - I think that they are dumb because of that :p
- "Shiny" is a colour
- I had a dream when I was younger that I killed someone, what a great dream
- I had a dream when I was younger with a nurse in it, what a great dream :)
- Sleep is secondary to having fun but then I usually fall asleep and miss the fun
- my friend yumyumpj always falls asleep whenever I'm around, must be me :(
- I use "StupidHead" as a term of endearment. So if I call you that, then it means that you're special
- I know people who have "the mother" from Everyone Loves Raymond
- I am an infomercial addict
- Apparently my parents cell phones are broken when they can't call out; it's just not possible that the system may be overloaded at the time (system busy)
- I took apart and rebuilt my first bicycle at 12 years old (Roadking - 10 speed bike from Eatons that we found)

1) People who butt in line should be made to wait twice as long as if they waited in line in the first place.

2) Fresh Mac Sushi is sooooooooooo good (just ask yumyumpj).

3) Dance as if no one is watching ... pretty soon they won't want to.

4) Friends come and go but family is the true constant in life.

5) Sing as if everyone was deaf ... pretty soon everyone will wish they were.

6) Mac Sushi is soooooooo good (just ask yumyumpj).

7) I miss my old car :(

8) Hockey is fun !!! If you haven't played, then you should!
I mean it's the COOLEST game in the world!!!

9) If someone treats you badly, then treat them well. You will be a bigger person for it.

10) Even if you cannot hear my voice is the coolest friend I have.